Nehemiah Ministries is first foremost a service to the church of Jesus Christ. Through pulpit supply, multi-media presentations, newsletters, and leadership training workshops, we are continually developing creative and effective ways to restoration, renewal and revival to Christian leaders and churches.

A variety of resources designed to support healthy functioning in all relationships is available.


Workshops are available on a variety of topics for churches, ministry associations, mission agencies, and ministerial groups.
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Peer Counseling

We provide peer counseling to pastors, missionaries and church leaders who are in need of a listening ear.
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Professional Counseling

Nehemiah Ministries has access to professional counselors in many areas of the country who specialize in clergy related needs.
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Nehemiah Building Project

An eight day intensive retreat for Christian ministers in the storm.
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Jim Rose Caregiving Ministries

Does anyone really care when we are hurting and alone? Are there answers for the greatest problems we are facing? Yes. And that’s what the Jim Rose Caregiving Ministries are all about.
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