Our Purpose

Nehemiah Ministries exists to provide a sanctuary for Christian pastors, priests, missionaries, and others in full-time ministry, away from the stresses and difficulties of their vocation. We understand the burden that full-time Christian workers face and seek to provide a haven of rest in life’s storms.

More than half of those who leave full-time ministry cite burnout as the key factor in their decision. And ministry workers certainly aren’t immune to problems with children, marital struggles, mental health concerns, and other life stressors.

If you are experiencing any of these challenges,  consider visiting Nehemiah Ministries to reset. Our peaceful grounds and tranquil setting offer a welcome retreat from the stresses of daily living for a minimal fee.

We also offer professional counseling for individuals, couples, and families at no extra charge for anyone who is interested.



Nehemiah Ministries began in 1995. Three years prior, Ron DeHaas’s wife and two young children had been killed in an interstate car crash. After receiving a settlement from the accident, Ron determined that he would use the settlement for the betterment of families.

After he remarried, Ron and his wife Jeanne purchased 160 acres of land south of Owosso, Michigan, with the intent to use most of it for the organization that would become Nehemiah Ministries.

Our Name

The book of Nehemiah contains the cries of the prophet Nehemiah, a servant of God. He lamented over the state of Jerusalem, a holy city that had fallen into ruins. Nehemiah called the people to rebuild the walls of the city, restoring it to its former beauty and strength.

Sometimes the stress of full-time ministry can leave our lives in shambles, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

Nehemiah Ministries exists to help rebuild and restore the lives of ministers of the gospel.

Out Retreat Center is situated on 130+ acres nestled in the Maple River Valley, 5 miles south of Owosso, Michigan.