About Us

Ministerial stress is well documented as an ever-growing problem across the entire denominational spectrum. According to Dr. Archibald Hart and H.B. London, experts in the field of clergy care, ministers are involved in the more emotionally hazardous and stressful of all vocations. The end result of the ever-increasing and constant demands of the ministry often lead to burnout, stress-related health problems, and other significantly negative consequences to personal and professional life.

Missionaries are equally at risk, often isolated and removed from essential resources for rest, renewal and growth. 50% of those who leave their careers in the ministry cite burnout as the main reason.

Our Purpose

At Nehemiah Ministries we are seeking those who see the need and, with careful consideration and prayerful preparation, will stand with us in facing the task of rebuilding the walls in these lives.
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Our History

A place for ministers to retreat, relax, and refresh themselves in its natural beauty since 1996.
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Statement of Faith

Nehemiah Ministries has a doctrinal statement of faith based upon Biblical truths.
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